Tip No. 3: Practice Makes It Common

Tip No. 3: Practice Makes It Common

We always say that practice makes perfect. Actually, I'd rather say that practice makes it common. Let's put it like this:

How many times do you actually write your name before it seemed like the easiest thing to write?

Or how many times have you made a coffee for yourself?

We have written our names since we started to go to school, so whenever we write our name, it seemed like we can write it even with our eyes closed.

I have made myself a cup of coffee every now and then, and even though I don't have a rule on how many teaspoons of sugar or creamer was right for the kind of coffee that I want, I always get the same taste that I learned to appreciate.

When you make things so common in your life by putting it on a daily routine, doing in a regular basis, thinking about it more often, or appreciating it as a valuable thing, you wouldn't even recognize that you actually know so much about it.