Blog: Read. Read. Read.

Read. Read. Read.

I didn't say that you have to read every book that you would encounter,
or that you have to read 24 hours a day.
Actually, I remember a quote I once read through chain text messages and it goes like this:

"Read anything 5 hours a week, and you'll soon be learned." by Samuel Johnson.

He's right, isn't he?
When you are traveling from home to school and you happen to pass by poster hanging on some establishments,
read what it says.
When log on to Facebook and browse some fan pages, read their information.
When you are looking at a college brochure, read it from top to bottom.
Just read. you can always learn something.

Anyways, I would like to share to you my reading habit. This habit actually makes me earn more English vocabulary. This also helps me in making English sentences, especially in making conversations.

I read Sir Nicholas Sparks' novels.

His stories are love stories enveloped in a simple southern life of North Carolina, U.S.A..
At first, it was hard for me to understand every word or sentence in his novel, but reading it twice or thrice makes it more clearer. But since the stories are most likely realistic, happens in real life - not too action-packed, scientific, poetic, nor surreal - it is much easier to understand.

I learned to love his writing style, and I began to read not only one novel, but almost all of his novels.
This is when I discovered new English words, terms, jokes as well, and I somehow learned how conversations were made. Today, it actually helped me with my work, by imagining what kind of life there is in the United States.

I suggest reading novels than watching movies, if you are actually striving to learn both English speaking and writing, because you have to understand first what you would say, that just mimic the sounds.

Now, I am reading his novels because I love to discover more. I love the way Sir Sparks unfold a story in a heart-touching way. I appreciate how it taught me lots of things.

So I urge you to read. Find something that would catch your interest and read things about it. it doesn't matter whether it is in English, or Filipino, just read. ^_^