Sociology: McDonaldization of Society

McDonaldization of Society

Sociology: McDonaldization of Society

McDonaldization of Society by: George Ritzer (1993)

- the way in which traditional, spontaneous, rule of thumb methods of social organization are replaced by abstract, explicit and carefully calculated rules and procedures

- the process in which the priciples of fast food restaurant are coming  to dominate more and more sectors of society for the rest of the world
- the increasing rationalization of the routine tasks of everyday life

5 Dominant Themes of Mcdonaldization
  1. Efficiency: choosing of means to reach a specific end rapidly with the least amount of cost or effort
  2. Calculability: emphasis onthings that can be calculated and quantified [ quantification: tendency to emphasize quantity rather than quality ]
  3. Predictability: rational people need to know what to expect, they wanted to be sure that fun, satisfaction, taste and benefis they receive today will be repeated again
  4. Increase Control: everything is pre-packed, pre-measure, automatically controlled
  5. Substitution of Human for Non-Human Technologies: skill and capabilities of human actor are quickly becoming things of the past, who we are, and how we interact is becoming defined by our dependence upon and subordination for the machine