Sociology: Attitude Towards Cultural Variations

Attitude Towards Cultural Variations

Sociology: Attitude Towards Cultural Variations

1. Ethnocentrism
  • practice of judging all other cultures by one's own culture
  • based on assumption that one's way of life is superior to all others
  • forms of ethnocentrism
           - positive ethnocentrism: school songs, national anthem, pledge to flags/patriotism
          - negative ethnocentrism: customs, dress, eating habits, religious beliefs is marked differently from those of dominant group members

2. Cultural Relativism
  • inverse/opposite of Ethnocentrism
  • practice of judging other cultures by his own context
3. Xenocentrism
  • preference the products, styles, ideas, or ideas of someone else's culture rather than of one's own (colonial mentality); Xeno means foreign
4. Cultural Shock
  • when you are confronted with other culture, there is a feeling of anxiety and disorientation
5. Cultural Lag
  • maladaptation
  • maladjustment
  • there is rapid improvement when something was not adjust to it


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