Advertising: History of Print Media

Advertising: History of Print Media

Advertising: History of Print Media

Registro Mercantil de Manila (1824 – 1833, Phils.) - the first newspaper publication that advertise local products on their papers
- published current prices of commodities

La Esperanza
- featured box announcements; includes auction, lost and found La Illustracion Filipina (1859 – 1860)
- began to featured illustrated ads

El Comercio - box notice, ads with a full illustration

- improved commerce promoted print advertising
- newspapers were sometimes trilingual
- fast transformation

- formal advertising began

There used to be one man advertising - maintain contact with advertisers
- writes advertising copy
- present layout and work
- deliver to publication

Spacemen/Space brokers
- solicitors whom newspapers hired to sell space to clients
- prepare their own layout, copy and artwork
- seek to fulfill quota
- serve the personal taste of their own clients (no artist discretion)
- also sold circulation

Frank J. Heries – Napoleon of Phil. Advertising

Manuel Buenaventura – First Filipino Advertising Man

Pioneer Advertising Agencies in the Philippines
- Philippine Agency Service Co.
- Philippine Ads Media Rep.
- Philippine Ad Bureau
- Ros Chanco Ad
- International Advertising Agency
(none of the above survived after the World War II)

Some of the Advertising Agencies in the Philippines after the World War II - J. Walter Thompson
- Grant Advertising
- Ace Compton

Ambitious Advertising Scheme
1. Soap Opera
- Dr. Ramon Sigla
- Gulong ng Palad
- Ilaw ng Tahanan
- Prinsipe Amante
- Aklat ng Pag-ibig (aired daily in radio stations by P&G)

NOTE: I would like to emphasize - I am not claiming that the information above is 100% accurate. it is based on my lecture during college, and I suggest you check other references as well.