Science: Biology - Manifestations of Life

Biology - Manifestations of Life

Science: Biology - Manifestations of Life
Life - is a complex and dynamic system governed by biological laws and principles

Manifestations of Life
  1. Defined Organization
    • have cells, turn to tissues, to organs, to organ systems, and to organisms 
  2. Metabolism
    • anabolism - absorption and growth
    • catabolism - releasing of energy
  3. Development and Growth
    • single repeatedly divided and progressed 
  4. Reproduction
    • replication/perpetuate their own child
      Types of reproduction:
      1. asexual - reproduction without the involvement of sex cells 
      2. sexual - reproduction with gametes or sex cells 
      3. external fertilization [example: frogs and fish] 
      4. internal fertilization other organisms 
  5. Responsiveness
    • capacity to react or response to stimuli or the irritability 
      1. stimuli - [light, heat, gravity, chemicals tough and sound] 
  6. Genetic Control 
    • DNA - genes which controls all the manifestations