Biology: Cortical Areas of the Brain

  1. Visual Area is located at the back of each occipital lobes. It analyzes, integrates, and translates into sight impulses projected from our visual receptors.
  2. Auditory Area is located at the surface of the temporal lobe. It is involved in the analysis of complex auditory signals and temporal patterning of sounds.
  3. Somesthic/Body Sense Area is located in the parietal lobe. It receives impulses from receptors in the skin, musclesm tendons and joints, thus causing us to experience heat, cold and pressure.
  4. Motor Area lies in front of the central fissure. It controls voluntary movements of the body and muscles movements
  5. Broca's Area is located below the motor area. It is also called the speech-motor area. Integrates and coordinates our speech.
  6. Association Area connects with the different parts of the brain. It may mediate complex functions associated with memory, perception, judgment and language. It has a special importance in integrating and coordinating thinking and problem solving.

What is Reticular Activating System (RAS)

Reticular Activating System is important in activating the cortex of the cerebral hemispheres. It has a significant role in consciousness, attention and sleep. It controls the state of arousal of awareness (as in changing from sleep to waking, or from diffuse awareness to alert attention).