Analysis on Sociological Imagination of C. Wright Mills

Analysis on Sociological Imagination of C. Wright Mills

After the multiple comprehensions I did in reading the writings of C. Wright Mills, I summed up to an idea that people do not see how the changes in history affect them. I came up to the reason that to be able to know what is happening within an individual, he should be able to possess the quality of mind connoted by Mr. Mills – the Sociological Imagination – that will help him to use information and to develop a reason in order to achieve lucid summations of what is going on in the world. Through realizing and understanding in which part of the society and of the history he contributes and he may take part, he can know his own chances in life.

People are not aware of where they should place themselves in the society. They tend to believe and view themselves as strangers because they sense that their private lives are a series of traps. That’s why they found themselves incapable of providing solutions to their own troubles. They don’t rely their problems in the different institutions of the society but merely in the personal situation and character of an individual.

It is the uneasiness itself that is the trouble; it is the indifference that is the issue – the idea that came from Mr. Mills – and I agreed with him. Through the ideas of this man, I discovered the real meaning of the anxiety I feel about my life. Now that I’m struggling with the troubles that I’m experiencing, such ideas are absolutely very helpful that I learned to see things not only in their physical values but beyond it, and to trace it in what institution of society it bear upon. I realized that through relating or linking the individual’s life in society is the best way to understand his own social position, his cherished values, his troubles, his uneasiness, his milieu, and his life. He’s right, isn’t he? That society itself is the ultimate solution to an individual’s trouble; and that an individual is the principal answer to the social issues.

Sociological imagination is really a quality of mind that everyone should possess. It will enable us to view the distant horizon in our naked eyes. For me, it isn’t hard to try the opportunity to grasp this new way of thinking. And for now, may I just say that pursuing this sociological imagination and its promise is now one of my targets in life, to discover and gain it through time.