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What is Lean Six Sigma?

LeanSix Sigma is a process improvement method.

Six Sigma reduces defects by effectively solving problems and reduces variation to produce consistent satisfactory products or services. On the other hand, Lean increases speed and efficiency of processes by reducing wastes and maximizing flow.

These methodical approaches in workplaces create value for the customer that can result in increased evenue, reduced costs, greater customer satisfaction, and improved work environment.
Benefits of using Lean Six Sigma MethodImproves Efficiency / EffectivenessLean Six Sigma methods can help you create effective processes that will maximize your business' resources and manpowerReduces CostsLess defects can save your business from spending money (in workforce, materials, equipment) in re-processing or solving the defectsIncreases Revenue / ProfitLean Six Sigma enables your business to do more with less through improving inefficient processes and using less but efficient resources. Develops Effecti…