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Blog: Filipino or English - Which language should I use for this blog?

Filipino or English: Which language should I use for this blog?

I am wondering which language should I use for this blog. Looking back to my real purpose of creating this site is to share my notes to Filipino students. So it should be in Filipino. However, we simply cannot write Math or Science in pure Filipino because there are so many English terms that don't have Filipino translation.

I am thinking of posting both Filipino and English version of every topic whenever possible. Though it may take so much time, I think that is much better and it would help those who search for what they needed.

I hope Google would easily search my blog so it will list on top 10 searches. It means I'm getting the writings on the right format. I need to ponder this for a while so I can actually come up with a much precise solution.

You, dear reader, do you have any idea or suggestion on how I can improve this? Any comments are welcome! Thank you so much! ~Angel

Filipino Translation:

Filipino o…

Reaction Paper: Exhibits in National Museum

Reaction Paper on the following exhibits in National Museum:
1. Telling Modern Time: The life and art of Botong Francisco Coching
2. War and Dissent: The U.S. in the Philippines
3. Philippine Haute Couture 1947-1990

Telling Modern Time: The life and art of Botong Francisco Coching 

Nabighani na naman kami sa magagandang drawings at paintings na nakita namin sa National Museum, 4th floor. Nalilito nga ako nung una… Dalawang tao pala ang involved sa exhibit ng Botong Francisco Coching. ‘Yun nga, si Botong Francisco, at si Francisco Coching. Ang galing ng mga komiks na gawa ni Coching. ‘Yun talaga and style ng komiks dati at nakapagaling ng kanyang komposisyon at mga anggulo. Magaganda rin ang pag-render at pagkulay sa mga title pages ng mga komiks. Nakakaengganya tuloy na gumawa muli ng komiks. May mga character designs din si Botong na makikita sa exhibit. Nakakatuwang balikan ang mga lumang bagay. Sa ngayon kasi, wala nang mga Pinoy komiks na gaya ng ganito.

Ang kuhang ito ay sa exhibit …

Blog: Read. Read. Read.

Read. Read. Read.

I didn't say that you have to read every book that you would encounter,
or that you have to read 24 hours a day.
Actually, I remember a quote I once read through chain text messages and it goes like this:

"Read anything 5 hours a week, and you'll soon be learned." by Samuel Johnson.

He's right, isn't he?
When you are traveling from home to school and you happen to pass by poster hanging on some establishments,
read what it says.
When log on to Facebook and browse some fan pages, read their information.
When you are looking at a college brochure, read it from top to bottom.
Just read. you can always learn something.

Anyways, I would like to share to you my reading habit. This habit actually makes me earn more English vocabulary. This also helps me in making English sentences, especially in making conversations.

I read Sir Nicholas Sparks' novels.

His stories are love stories enveloped in a simple southern life of North Carolina, U.S.A..

Tip No. 3: Practice Makes It Common

Tip No. 3: Practice Makes It Common

We always say that practice makes perfect. Actually, I'd rather say that practice makes it common. Let's put it like this:

How many times do you actually write your name before it seemed like the easiest thing to write?

Or how many times have you made a coffee for yourself?

We have written our names since we started to go to school, so whenever we write our name, it seemed like we can write it even with our eyes closed.

I have made myself a cup of coffee every now and then, and even though I don't have a rule on how many teaspoons of sugar or creamer was right for the kind of coffee that I want, I always get the same taste that I learned to appreciate.

When you make things so common in your life by putting it on a daily routine, doing in a regular basis, thinking about it more often, or appreciating it as a valuable thing, you wouldn't even recognize that you actually know so much about it.

Collections of Quotes / Quotations

Collections of Quotes / Quotations ^_^

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