Sunday, March 27, 2011

Literary Work: Tears of an Angel

Tears of an Angel

Have you ever seen an angel? They are pure and white, with wings and halo, and truly divine. They are the servants of God who guides us into everlasting happiness. But I knew an extraordinary angel. She has no wings or halo, nor dressed in white, and is a mortal.

She has no father. He left the family 6 years ago and went to his second family. Her mother was there, doing all the necessary things a mother, and actually as a father, too, must do to be able to feed here four children, including the angel. Her elder brother did not enter college and now working in a shoe factory. She and her younger brother, the closer sibling, were thankfully studying in high school despite of their family financial problems. She has her younger sister, already in elementary, whom she was really annoyed of because of their different attitudes.

She, since elementary, grown up alone, with no friends and with nothing. No one cares for her. No one even tries to be her friend, neither to accept her nor to trust her. She lived at her imaginary world; a world where she was accepted, but she knew that it would never be real.

Time has passed. Now, in high school, she is the one of the most mischievous students, but you can rely upon. It seems that there's a big change. Every time you call her for help, she is willing to help you the best she can. Actually, there's also a time that she offers help or gives something even if you don't ask it from her. She is such a superhero, she knows when someone is in trouble. She wants everything in order and perfection so she always starts a secret plan. Her classmates are not worried knowing that she was at their back. She's a kind of girl who possessed a great energy, a wide imagination and a full-spirited determination. She describes herself like that. Even her teachers looks at her differently. She aims for some higher purpose, for the top - wants everybody to be happy. She'll do everything even if she sleeps late at night and never mind to eat lunch. And although she was tired, it will soon to be gone after she saw even a little smile from everyone. She's not the type whose going to ask you for an exchange, she just want to ask for more - more strength, opportunities and wisdom from God.

But behind that little smile from her face, she told me that she was sad. She put her head at my shoulder and cries. Not every one of them appreciates her kindness and sacrifices. Not everyone understands her. Many of them were angry and annoyed. They thought she was a fake. Some of them look at her as an enemy.

After hearing those words, my lips started to ask as if my heart commands it. I felt the madness and injustice. "It's unfair! Tell me. Why? Why do you wanted everybody to be happy? Do they care? No. Then why are you helping them? After all those things that you have done for them, was this all what they would exchange? Hey... You could be on the top on your own, with no one else. They couldn't stop you. All those nothings. Let them suffer without you. Remember, you are strong and great."

She gave me a hard tap at my shoulder and cry, but a little smile glows from her face. She looked at my eyes and told me, she did all those things because she all wants to be noticed and to have friends. She said that without them, she couldn't and never be alive.

That moment I realized, it's all what her heart needs, her heart asks... She wants to feel that she is also special, that she could feel the embraces of a friend, and that she could feel that she's not alone.

My tears started to flow on my cheeks. I felt the longing of this angel. I pitied her... yet admired her. Even if there some people who could not understand her, she does everything to prove them that she deserves a better smile from them, that she could bear all those heartaches in exchange of acceptance, and that she could do better to be understand.

I thought you are wondering why I’m telling you the story of this angel. Maybe, you just have to know her better. I'm very thankful because you have given me a couple of minutes to tell her story. I know, God is happy, too. And of course, she's the happiest girl at this moment. Why do I know? It's because god allows me to be the only person who knows, who cares and who loves her better than anybody else. I am the only one who understands anything about her because this "Angel"... is "ME".

Note: This is still not edited. You can find some grammar errors here.

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