Sunday, March 27, 2011

2012 movie. An artistic and informative advocacy medium for the fight against global warming.

2012 movie. An artistic and informative advocacy medium for the fight against global warming.

I am not a science student. I am on the artistic side of the man. But if it is true that the mantle, or the hard thing beneath the crust or surface layer of the earth, is about to melt in two years (based from the movie), then maybe, just maybe, this is the time to open our eyes for this matter – whether you knew anything about science or not.

About a year ago, or maybe two, I wrote an article for my blog entitled, “Our Call.” It is a story on how I reflect things in my life by staring out side the window of the bus whenever I ride in it. That time I thought of global warming. But I was at a loss. I have always disappointed Mother Earth.

I know how little knowledge I have about global warming, and I don’t know if I could even have more. It has always been my dream to stop that warming, that fever, but me as a member of my family, is a loser. No matter how much I want to share this to my family, I never once had the courage to do so. I know my grandparents wouldn’t understand English terms, global warming, greenhouse effect, the mantle, the matter beneath the earth, so how could I start? However, I also know that I am just making this truth as an excuse.

Many people disregard this matter. Not everyone wants to open up this issue nor to even speak or mention it. We often make it a joke to humor ourselves. But I don’t have a clue on how many people remember this issue every night before they sleep. They continue to build factories yet their trash and waste chemicals and smoke aren’t disposed right. Petroleum dominates the industries of factories and cars, and there are a lot of carbon monoxide particles everywhere.

Al Gore said the ices are melting; the oceans will soon eat the shores of our continents; the fresh air is contaminated; creatures will die.

2012 said the earth’s mantle, the one which holds the crust (outside) and the core (inside) are also melting because of the heat from the sun. If it is true, then it is really possible that the rocks on Earth’s surface will move. Earthquakes will happen. Our land, the land masses will shake and would kill us.

How many people are concerned about it? How many people think about it like me at this moment? What does our government think about it? Who does? I want to know who cares.

I wished I studied other course, like that of Education major in General Science, so I could open this up to my students.

Note: Just another thought that I ponder... No hard feelings if you don't believe or care.

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